0210 – FF Canton CCW Debacle

I teach a fair amount of folks the basics of concealed carry.  The State of Ohio has an educational requirement that is both strict and lenient at the same time.  12 hours of instruction is pretty demanding, the topics however are broad.  One thing I think is paramount however is covering the laws regarding concealed carry and that is the topic of todays Friday Film.

There is an excellent article about the incident and its implications at Buckeye Firearms Association.


[youtube v=kassP7zI0qc]


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Both the LEO and the CCW holder both own this mess!

Let’s face it.  Both the armed citizen and the LEO goofed up here.

Armed citizen:

  • Has the duty to notify to each and every LEO he encounters for a LE purpose
  • Should follow through on this duty because it is the right thing to do
  • Also because it will probably make the stop easier on him
LEO (I’m not a cop, never have been, never will be):
  • Makes a poor choice of searching the car before all people are searched and secured
  • Should be assuming that the individuals are armed and ready to end the stop with violence
  • Overreacts
I have a hard time not covering this video of an LEO interacting with a ccw holder in Canton, Ohio.  The overwhelming sentiment is that the cop was way out of line.  What I want folks to remember is that for every one LEO that behaves in this manner there are thousands if not tens of thousands of officers that are outstanding in their job.  Don’t let one bad apple spoil the bushel.
Blue Sheepdog – CCW and Police


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