0125 – FF LA Contest and Hotel Robbery Shooting

Man, what a weekend!  We got hit with a pretty decent storm Thursday night through Friday which creates a load of extra work for me and gets me behind in my game.  Add to that the fact that I had family come in to town for a family birthday and Friday’s Podcast just had to wait!

Had a great class Thursday night FSDUC-2.

Amanda at New Direction Photography in Auburn Twp. has been doing a great job spreading the word about SSA and I really appreciate it!

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Paladin Go Bag from Survival Gear Bags.com

I am really pleased with the reaction folks have given me with regards to the podcast.

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Today’s FF shows a hotel robbery that is foiled by a desk clerk with a handgun.

I want to point out a couple of excellent tactics that we see executed in this clip and a couple of things that we see that aren’t so excellent.

The Shooter

  • Transition from submission to domination
  • Lateral movement incorporated with the draw
  • Multiple, rapid shots on target
  • Closing in on the fleeing target is iffy except for one reason

The Clerk

  • Transition from submission to 911
  • Clearing guests from the lobby

The Guests

  • It is a hotel, maybe they were sleeping…
  • Pick your jaw up off the floor and do something for goodness sakes!
  • Create distance
  • Take cover
  • Fight



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