0211 – Measure Twice Cut Once

Some things in life once done, cannot be undone.  And so it is when you are ripping a sheet of plywood.  I don’t know about you, but the price of a cheap sheet of 5 layer birch plywood is such that I would rather not waste it.  So I certainly pay attention to my measurements when I am working on a project.   The phrase, “Measure twice, cut once.”  has application that goes far beyond the wood shop.  When we look at self-defense, safety and security, this is definitely advice to be followed in many situations!


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What it Means to Measure Twice and Cut Once

To put it simply there are some things in life that have consequences that are severe enough that they merit extra consideration.

A situation where time is not the major deciding factor for action yet the consequences are severe is the perfect set of circumstances to put this axiom into play.

It is awfully difficult to make a board two inches longer after you cut it.  If you take the time to make your measurement, check to make sure you are correct and then cut, you are much more likely to have success.  This might not seem like a huge deal maybe you have never cut a board.  But if you think about carpentry 100 years ago, a tremendous amount of effort could be wasted in a miscut.  Power tools and Home Despot have made us lazy.  And if you don’t mind wasting time and enrgy that’s ok with me.  Cut with reckless abandon.  There are, however, many situations where the consequences could be much more severe than having to pick up another 2×4 at the lumber yard.

When Should M2C1 Be Considered a Priority

  • Deciding what self-defense skills to train
  • Choosing a self-defense handgun
  • “Administratively” Loading and unloading our carry gun
  • Gearing up with our EDC
  • Storing our firearms
  • Deciding who and where we should spend our time

When should We Avoid M2C1

  • When time is more crucial to the outcome
  • The self-defense situation itself
In these situations it is the M2C1 decisions you have made in the past that are going to help bail you out.
  • if you took time to identify and train high priority, simple, aggressive skills you are going to be pleased when someone needs to be broken
  • if someone needs to be shot you will be happy that you took the time to make sure you loaded your gun with premium self-defense ammunition instead of that magazine of FMJ that was left over from your last range session
Simply put, when we have time on our side and the stakes are high, there is no excuse for not taking the time we need to consider our options and get it done right.


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