0142 – Gearing Up For Summer Carry

Back in October or November which seems like forever ago I discussed preparing for winter carry and the issues that tend to present themselves when we add additional layers of clothing.

Today we head in the opposite direction.  As I mentioned yesterday I jumped on an airplane to head to Florida to visit family over the weekend.  The warm weather was an excellent reminder of the issues that pop up when we molt from our winter wear into short shorts and tube tops.

I don’t subscribe to the concept of boundaries when it comes to crime whether they are geographical, racial, socioeconomic or even weather related.  For me, this fact means that the majority of my carry gear remains identical to the gear I carry the remainder of the yearMany people whether they agree with me or not regarding violent crime and boundaries change their carry habits for warm weather.

In my opinion, if changes are to be made they must be reasonable, thoughtful and logical rather than based on misconceptions and convenience.From a statistical standpoint if there is any change in the likely hood of being involved in violent crime, summer time is the time of greater chance.  But our summertime attire lends itself less to concealing an appropriate self-defense hand gun.  These two factors are at odds.

The solution is proper equipment selection.  Let’s take a look at the equipment I use to keep my carry gear identical whether is it 8 or 80.

System – we must remember that our CCW gear is a system.  We can select the perfect handgun for CCW purposes yet still have our system fail due to poor choices in holsters, belts and or cover garments.

Our CCW gun is the most often discussed portion of our rig to the detriment of the system as a whole.  We will be brief as I feel like it is one of the easier issues to determine.

  • Appropriate caliber for SD
  • Reliable
  • Small enough in size for concealment
  • Large enough for recoil control
  • Fit


  • From a quality manufacturer in good condition
  • Metal reinforced mouth (Worn Holster ND)
  • IWB holsters have an edge in summer carry
  • Consider tuck able


  • Secure buckle
  • Stiffness
  • Sized to match belt loops on holster

Cover garment

  • Long enough
  • Substantial enough
  • Fashionable enough

As always we must work to try and balance the different needs our system must meet, however with that reasonable, thoughtful and logical consideration we can find the balance that will work for us the majority of the time.


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