Safely Storing Your Concealed Carry Handgun in Your Vehicle


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  1. John Buckley
    John Buckley says:


    Good stuff! This is exactly how I try to manage my firearm when I have to take it off. Unfortunately, I cannot find a lock box that will fit in the console of my Nissan Altima. The console is not nearly the size/capacity of those in SUVs and trucks. I don’t like putting the lock box under the seat as the locking cable can get tangled in the wiring there. Also, it slides back and become visible from the rear windows.

    I currently have a lock box (Shotlock Solo) in my trunk. This means that I have to drive to an isolated area, take my gun off (in the holster exactly as you describe) and lock it up. I then drive to wherever my real destination is. Clearly not ideal. But better than having what happened to the law-abiding gun owner who gunned up in the WalMart parking lot and was jumped by the nut-case inside the store.

    If anyone has a recommendation for a lock box (preferably with a combination or pushbutton lock) that will fit a Kahr CW9 or Shield inside a sedan console, PLEASE let me know!

    Paul, thanks again for your good work!



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