Teaching Gun Safety

Tips to help you teach those you love important gun safety lessons.

In one of our recent Friday 15 episodes I talked about what non-shooters need to know about guns.  One of the more important topics I covered in that episode was the idea that non-shooters need to know about gun safety.

There are all kinds of reasons why a non-shooter might have to interact with a gun and because the consequences of an accident with a firearm are so severe, it only makes sense to take simple steps to reduce the likelihood of having an accident.

If you what to know more about what I believe non-shooters should know about gun safety you can find the episode by following this link.

Gun Safety Instruction

Gun Safety:

Why teach it?

A simple logical assessment of the risks involved with guns should lead the reasonable person to the conclusion that the consequences of an accident with a gun can be severe.

It is for this simple reason that gun safety needs to be an important focus of everyone that handles guns.  In addition, I argue in this Safety Solutions Academy Podcast that gun safety, among a few other gun topics are critical for ANY responsible individual to be schooled in.

Everyone should understand safe gun handling!

Safe gun handling is a responsibility that all should share.  Amongst our friends and families we often segment responsibilities in a way that wholly leaves a job to one individual.  The expert.  In some situations this might work out well, but in others it could turn out poorly.

Let me give you an example.  In our family my wife is the person that cooks the majority of our meals.  It isn’t because she is a woman, instead it’s because that is what works best for our family.  It works best until, we run into a situation where she isn’t available to cook.

What do we do when she runs into a tough week and has to work late?  Often times we eat out.  It isn’t that I can’t cook.  I actually am a pretty good cook, I’m just not typically prepared to do so and so, we turn to a backup plan.

What back up plan does your family have when it comes to safe gun handling.

Maybe you are the expert and safe gun handling falls on your shoulders.  Great, but what happens when you can’t deal with a gun situation?

What if you are away from the home?

Or hurt?

Or sick?

Or maybe just out of sorts and about to make a mistake?

Wouldn’t it make sense to have a family member or someone close to you to be able to back you up in those situations?  I think it would and I think you probably agree.

The day you fall from the ladder and are laying on the driveway broken leg and arm waiting for an ambulance isn’t the time to teach your spouse how to safely and securely store your defensive handgun you are wearing.

If you are the “experts is the time to teach your family about safe gun handling.

If you are the one that doesn’t know, now is the time to ask.

Let’s take a look at the hows and whys of teaching gun safety so that the next time you need to help someone understand hoe to mitigate the risks of firearms, you will know how to communicate as efficiently as you can.