Range Safety

It’s your responsibility.

Range safety is an important topic because the consequences of an accident on the range can be so severe.  Often times the responsibility of range safety is confused.  Who is actually responsible for safety on the range?  Is it the range owner?  A range safety officer?  Your instructor?  Or is it you?

Range Safety is Your Responsibility

Every situation has it’s own set of circumstances that need to be considered, however, for me, the answer is pretty simple.  Since you will have to live with the consequences of an accident on the range it makes sense that you take responsibility for your own safety.

If everyone were to take responsibility for their actions and for their piece of the pie, range safety would be much less of an issue.

This is how I look at safety in general.  If you will bear the brunt of the consequences of an event, then it only makes sense for you to take the responsibility for avoiding the problem and mitigating the consequences to the best of your ability.

If everyone takes an active role in securing their own safety it is only common sense to understand that there will be an increase in safety in general

Take a few minutes to listen to the Safety Solutions Academy Podcast below to learn some important strategies to accepting responsibility for your safety on the range.