0249 – Executive Ice Scraper Follow Up

It has been a bit since I reviewed the Executive Ice Scraper.  I have had a little bit of additional experience with the item that I wanted to bring you up to speed with.  Rick, one of the early and faithful listeners, originally turned me on to the ice scraper.  I was a bit skeptical at first, but since, I have found a place for the Scraper in my EDC.  Today we will talk about how I have been carrying and using the scraper.


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Intended Use

Yup, its an ice scraper, and it works!  We have had several opportunities to use ice scrapers over the past months, and the Executive has come in pretty handy.  My favorite use for it is for dealing with ice on the mirrors of my truck and doing some detail work on the rear window around the wiper.

The executive ice scraper doesn’t work as a primary ice scraper for me.  Keep in mind, I drive a Ford Excursion with a 7.3, 4″ lift, and 35″ tires so no ordinary ice scraper will do and it would be unfair to expect the EIS to handle the job.  The detail work, however, no problem.

Due to the size of the scraper, your hands are right in the middle of all the action.  If you want to keep your digits warm and toasty, make sure you are wearing gloves.

For the price and the size, the EIS makes a great back up tool for those that live in climates where snow and ice are an issue.

Secondary Use

There are all kinds of things that we carry every day that can serve as improvised weapons.  Some of those items are better than others, and some may even seem that they could have been designed with that purpose in mind.  The Executive Ice Scraper seems to fall into that category.  I can’t say that I have ended a bunch of conflicts with the EIS.  Well, I could, but it wouldn’t be true.  I can say I have put the EIS into the first string in areas where security prohibits me from carrying a knife and or a gun.

I have had the opportunity to carry the EIS on multiple flights since my first review and have had zero issues with Security.  I place it in my backpack with everything else to run through the scanner and then I drop it into my back pocket for the duration of the time I am without my pistol.  Don’t think for a second that I think my ice scraper takes the place of my pistol.  I’m not that silly.  But I do understand that it provides some options that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

Bottom Line

It doesn’t have to be the Executive Ice Scraper that does it for you, but we do need to consider what tools can step up to the front line to protect us when our preferred weapons are required to be left behind.  If you have a plan in place, great, if not, take a look at what you have that can cause trauma.  If you feel like you are coming up short, take a look at the EIS

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:


    Great follow up cast on this handy little item. Mine has found its home in my very “grey” EDC bag (blue soft side lunch bag). Absolutely nothing tactical about that thing. It’s bag mates include a Kimber Pepper Blaster, multi-tool, small first aid kit and OTC meds, flashlight, small length of paracord in a cobra stitch on the strap and smaller pocket knife.

    Hope your holidays were merry and happy.



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