0223 – Less Training = Less Competence

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have an intimate relationship with the skills and the tools that you plan to depend on.  Imagine that you need to get a family member to the hospital now.  An ambulance isn’t an option.  You are the driver.  The only available vehicle is a manual.  Manuals aren’t your thing.  My guess is that you will find a way to make it happen, but wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to worry about was getting your loved one to the hospital as quickly as possible instead of worrying about how to drive?  If sticks aren’t your thing, yet you depend on a stick from time to time you are asking for trouble and that is our topic today.

0223 – Less Training = Less Competence


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I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know

You folks that listen often have probably picked up on the fact that I believe that communications are  in my opinion a pretty important tool when times get difficult.  We have covered subjects such as cell phone use, the 911 system, and even ham radio as an EComm tool.  I am a ham radio operator and I am constantly working to try and improve my skill set.  I recently traded a Trijicon rifle optic for a HF ham radio.  Our topic today isn’t ham radio but let me put things into perspective for those that aren’t familiar with amateur radios.  A HF radio is the type of radio that you would expect to have state wide, region wide, nation wide and even world wide coverage with.  When I sat down in front of the fully set up, ready to go rig, it took me several days before I could even effectively tune the radio to listen to another conversation.  I was virtually clueless.  My learning curve began with finding out what things I needed to learn.  I was at the stage where I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  With the help of those around me I have made some tremendous progress, but that is only because I have put in the time.

One of These Days I Need to Get Out and Shoot That Thing…

I hear it all the time.  People know I am a gun guy.  If they don’t, it doesn’t take them long to find out what I do.  Just like me, other people that are firearm enthusiasts are excited to talk about their guns.  I must say, I am always taken aback by the number of people that say, “One of these days I need to get out and shoot that thing…!”

  • People buy firearms for lots of reasons
  • When we start to talk about firearms for self preservation we need to remember the purpose
  • I didn’t wait for an emergency to learn how to use my radio
  • Don’t wait for a violent encounter to learn about your firearm
  • If you do you are likely to find yourself incompetent


It is hard to blame someone that is new to shooting for not understanding how important training is. Consumer experience – new entertainment system

  • Package deal – works well but…
  • Individual components – high performance but…
  • Firearms for self-defense are no different


Not so hard to play the blame game here. Experienced shooters know that just because you spend $1200 on a custom hodda-ma-watchie doesn’t mean it is ready to go.

  • Break in period
  • Ammunition selection
  • Sights
  • compatibility with accessories
Are all factors that need to be considered not to mention that once all the hardware concerned are address the real work starts.

Equipment Cannot Compensate for Incompetence

  • Revolver
  • Shotgun
  • Firearms can’t solve less lethal situations

This isn’t a “Gun” Issue

We need to make sure that we are training in all the areas that are important to us.

  • Firearms
  • Unarmed Combatives
  • Less lethal tools
  • Awareness and prevention
  • First aid and TCCC

I have the opportunity to train lots of people from many different walks of life.  Some of those folks are in the infancy of whatever it is that we are studying together, while some are experts.  There are some common denominators among experts.

  • Passion
  • Effort
  • Continual study
  • Think about how much you pay for your car every month, how does that compare to your investment in yourself?

Address the “Software”

  • Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
  • We often know what to do
  • How to do it
  • When to do it – the context
  • Avoid fixating on gear “It’s the Indian not the arrow.”

What Self-Defense Training Does

  • Helps us work out the bugs with out gear
  • Helps us work out the bugs in our body
  • Helps us work out the bugs in our brain
When it comes to dealing with a violent encounter we rarely rise to the occasion.  Instead we routinely fall to the level of our training.  How far are you going to let yourself fall?
Train to avoid incompetence.
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