0247 – Dealing with Christmas Scum

Disclaimer – No promises today on cleanliness of language or attitude, just good personal content.

For a while we have been planning a trip down to Florida between Christmas and New Years.  My in-laws live in Florida and have plenty of room and the pool, beach and sunshine provide plenty of distraction from the winter gloom of Cleveland.  Since they were up in Cleveland for the holiday we all were on the same flight so traveling with the kids would be super easy.

We got word about 12 hours before we hopped a jet down south that there were going to be some additional distractions.  A repairman had notified my FIL that there were several broken windows in the rear of the house.  We didn’t have much more info than that.  The police were called and we finished packing up.  Last week I talked about dealing with Christmas trash, the kind that results from all the girts under the tree.  Today I am talking about dealing with the Christmas trash that has two legs.


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Smash and Grab

Whenever we look at crime and violence we need to try to break down the crime so that we can understand it and the dirt that perpetrates that crime.

A smash and grab is a simple, fast and relatively effective mode of crime.

Entry is typically gained by smashing a glass door or window.  Then climbing through the entry point or using that point to manipulate the lock.

After entry the shit bags proceed to high probability areas of the home to grab loot and leave.

High probability areas:

  • Master Bedroom
  • Master Bath
  • Office

The Scene of the Crime

  • Central FL
  • Good neighborhood
  • Golf Course
  • “Gate”
  • Security
  • History of crime
  • Glass, glass, glass

How it Played Out

  • No specific time frame, Typical is Friday between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm
  • Could have occurred over Christmas weekend
  • Office window
    • concealed
    • smashed with a brick supplied by the home owner
    • This was not the intended point of entry instead a test of the alarms system
      • Window isn’t easy
      • Window isn’t fast
      • Other better targets
    • Entered screened in porch by cutting screen to unlock the door
      • reduces visibility
      • provided access to man doors
    • Smashed glass door with another owner supplied brick to open lock and provide easy in and out.
    • Proceeded to master bath
      • Snatched a jewelry box from counter
      • Trail of glass

What Went Right

  • Screen door, windows and all entry doors locked
  • Jewelry box was pretty much low cost accessories
  • Target valuables were well hidden, or well secured
  • Some other valuables in plain sight, stress response?

What Could Have Been Done Better

The same things just about everyone can do better.

Keep in mind this is a part time home for months on end.

  • Outdoor lighting with motion detectors
  • Alarm system up to date and engaged
  • Shrubs trimmed around test window
  • Lighting in the house on timers
  • A trusted friend to “live” in the house


  • Motion detectors
  • Timers
    • Lamps
    • Radio
    • Television
    • Wall Switch Timer
There has been a lot of discussion of “How can we guarantee that this won’t happen again?”
  • There are no guarantees
  • You can never have impenetrable security
  • Good news, your don’t have to.
  • All you need to do is be a harder target than those that surround you.
The thing that is most difficult to repair and replace after an event like this is piece of mind.


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