National Safety Month Gun Safety Campaign

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0249 - Executive Ice Scraper Follow Up

I would love to tell you that I ALWAYS have my pistol with me. I do when I can, but like most people, there are times when I cannot have my guns. This week I did some traveling and just like most folks I wasn't allowed to carry my handgun onto the plane. That doesn't mean that I didn't have any tools that I could fight with if I needed to. That is where my Executive Ice Scraper comes into play.

0235 - PR - CIA / Executive Ice Scraper

Over the past month, as the weather has gotten colder the Executive Ice Scraper has made its way into may bag of tricks. It will come in handy for its intended purpose as the cold weather rolls in here in NE Ohio. When the weather warms up, due to travel, or change in season, I'm guessing the tool will stay right in the bag. Ready to get moved into primary position when I don't have a choice and waiting to serve as a deep backup when needed.