0296 – Why I am investing in learning techniques for fighting in the Extreme Close Quarters Tactics Course

I feel that when we think about crime and violence in particular we tend to over complicate the acts themselves quite possibly due to our distaste for those acts. We have a tendency to try and distance ourselves from violence to make ourselves feel better. It is as if the less we understand violence the less likely we are to have it be part of our life. If only it were that easy. Violence and crime can effect everyone and as opposed to being complex, violence is often very simple. Today we are going to take a look at training for simple violence and the complexities involved in close quarters fighting.


Simplicity of Violence

Violence is a transaction.  No matter what is being transferred one of the common denominators of violence tends to be proximity.  It is difficult to convince someone they should part with their wallet when you are 100 yards apart.  When we study violence we must understand what effect proximity has on the act.

Complexity of the Solution

Chewing gum and walking

Difficult to defend an attack and deploy a firearm

Firearm in hand at contact distance is a serious retention issue

Training Continuum

Skill sets need to be developed independently before integration

We must make sure that the benifits of our training significantly outweigh the risks of trainig exercises

There are few instructors who are experienced in teaching the skills in isolation let alone teaching those skills in full context.


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