0297 – AAR on ICE Training Extreme Close Quarters Tactics Course

Right now I am hanging out in the lobby of my hotel working on processing and recovering from day 1 of the ICE Training Extreme Close Quarters Tactics Course.  Today was a good day.  I made it through without major issues although a solid inventory of the day and my skill level leaves me wishing for another month to prepare and another crack at the course.  At the same time, I know that my skill level has increased substantially in the past 24 hours.  Baby steps…


History of Rob Pincus and the ECQC

Today marks the first Extreme Close Quarters Fighting Course available for enrollment since 2009.

  • 05-06 this course was packaged as a 5 day course combined as a EXCQ and ambush course that was available exclusively to SWAT, SEAL and other members of the special forces community.
  • 07 the course was available for open enrollment for the last time.
  • 08 3-5 courses were held for SWAT Cops and special forces units
  • 09 courses began to taper off due to other projects until today…..

Originally this course was seen as a course in a progression of courses

  1. CFS
  2. APH
  3. ECQT or HDT

Typically attended by the antithesis of the folks who are most likely in need of the skills.

  • Fit
  • Well trained
  • High speed

Course provides an opportunity for physical stress along with the mental and emotional stress of violence at sexual distances.

Instructional Evolution

Two major evoloutions:

  1. In Fight Weapons Access
  2. Appendix Carry
    • Both define how and
    • When we access our firearm

Major Points From Day 1:

  • Physics
  • Range Issues
    • Outside 2 Arms Reach
    • Inside 2 Arms Reach
  • Flinch Response
    • Primal
    • Defensive
    • Tactical
  • Intuitive Skills Refinement
    • Head Locks
    • Hip Leverage
    • +90 to buy time and distance
  • Retention
    • Strenghth issue
    • NOT at distance issue
  • Further understanding of ICE training
    • Ground Zero=Intuition
    • The farther from GZ the farther away we can move from intuition

Personal Thoughts

  • Overwhelmed
  • Skin is raw
  • Ready and excited for day 2

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