Third Party Self-Defense: Do you understand this complex area of concealed carry?

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The laws that surround self-defense and specifically in this case the use of lethal force can be more complex than they first appear.  Simply acting according to common sense and/or with good intention does not mean that you won’t make a mistake.  The problem with mistakes in the use of lethal force is that the consequences are severe.  People that understand the stakes know that you can do EVERYTHING right and still face criminal and civil legal issues not to mention the social, emotional, financial and other consequences that could be present.

Did you notice that I haven’t even gotten into how your actions might effect others?

What about when you don’t do everything right?  What if you are missing a piece of the puzzle?  What if in your eagerness to help you make the CRITICAL mistake?

Grant Cunningham examines that exact issue in his recent blog post.  As is always the case, Grant tackles the tough issues directly.  This post regarding third person defense is no different.

If you are reading this, you are probably a lot like me.  I want to help other people.  When it comes to the use of lethal force it becomes imperative that we understand the consequences of our actions.

Plain and simple, the defense of others is complex and tenuous ground.  If you fail to understand the totality of the circumstances the ramifications of your involvement could be catastrophic.

I feel very strongly that when you carry concealed you need to have a strong understanding of use of force and the law and for that reason I am hosting Massad Ayoob for his MAG20 course in the Cleveland area this February.  Follow this link to register or you can check out the course details here.

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