Grooming the Tactical Beard

No shave November We are in the midst of “No Shave November” and I am amazed at the bearded manliness that is spreading throughout the tactical social media world that I live in. Beards and staches are everywhere. I used to sport some pretty serious growth but eventually, when I started shutting my beard in the car door, it came time to maintain. Some of you may be getting toward the limits your life impose on you. It, might be your wife’s tolerance that is your limit, or maybe your boss has put his foot down, or maybe you are spending more money than a high school cheerleader on hair care products for your beard. Whatever the reason, when it is time to tame the man mane you need the right tools. So today I wanted to share a website that can help you to find the right beard trimming tools.

I stumbled across this site about beard trimmers after complaining to my wife about my current clippers. I’m currently running a set of Wahl hair clippers and although they power through the coarse wire that sprouts from my face without hesitation, Trimmersthe 10 hp model I have is too big to fit in many of the nooks and crannies on my face that need to be maintained.

The info on the site makes it easy to understand the options that are available in the top clippers on the market. Check it out when you are ready and tell you wife she’s welcome.

Thanks for stopping by. Please get out there and get some training. Keep it simple and stay safe!

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