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Paul Carlson on Modern Self Protection Podcast

This past weekend I had the chance to catch up with fellow podcasters Bob Mayne of the Handgun World Show and Ben Branam of Modern Self Protection.  I had been encouraged by some of my students to make my way down to the Beyond Concealed Carry Course they were teaching in the Canton, Ohio area.

I did just that.

I spent the day on Saturday observing class and taking in their teaching style and the content that they were conveying to their students.  I certainly enjoyed the class and the opportunities they provided for me to chime in and share with folks the mission of Safety Solutions Academy.

On Sunday afternoon I headed back down to Dover to catch the wrap up of class and spend some time talking with Ben and Bob.  Each of us spent some time recording for our respective podcasts and we must have recorded more than two hours of content between the three of us.

Today I received an email from Ben with a link to episode 141 of Modern Self Protection and I wanted to share that episode with you.

Modern Self ProtectionDuring the show we talked about life as a firearms instructor and what you should and shouldn’t do when your friends ask you to take them to the range.  It might not be a popular position, however, I think we all need to be careful when it comes to taking on the role of instructor.  I think it is critical that when you head to the range you have a very strong handle on the material that you teach to those that you care about (or anyone else for that matter.)  We also need to have the humility to understand that when we teach topics that are beyond our scope of understanding we may be doing as much harm as we are good.

Ben and I also talked about personal protection in general and we discussed the idea of avoidance and how important a tool it can be.

Gavin de Becker and his book, “The Gift of Fear” also came up and it is a book that both Ben and I suggest to our students.

What you should do next:

Please head on over to MSP and listen to the episode and consider subscribing to Ben’s podcast on iTunes.

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