0366 – An Interview with Bob Mayne of Handgun World and Ben Branam of Modern Self Protection

Ben Branam and Bob Mayne of Modern Self Protection and Handgun World

In the modern world there is all kinds of information available to us just about any topic we want to learn about.  That info is right at our finger tips ready for us to access at a moments notice.

The firearms industry is no different.  In fact it may be an industry with a higher than average density of new media options for its consumers.  There are tons of YouTube channels, podcasts, blogposts, and more.  That is a good thing.

Today I am sitting down with two folks that are active in the firearms podcast and instruction world. Bob Mayne, of the Handgun World Podcast and Ben Branam of Modern Self Protection are two of the many people that in the industry that are creating quality content for consumers in the firearms and personal protection  industry.  Today we are going to have a conversation about podcasts, firearms instruction and the gun world in general and it is gonna be a blast!


Firearms Podcasts

In a world where three gun podcasts collide…

One of the most rewarding aspects of the firearms industry is the people.  It is people like Ben and Bob and you that make my job as awesome as it is.  When I heard from John, a SSA Alumni and a listener and friend of Ben and Bob’s that this dynamic duo was going to be in NE Ohio to teach a two day course, I did my best to clear my schedule so that I could network, make new friends and record some audio for you.

I am glad that I did.  I was able to spend all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon and evening with Bob and Ben.  I got to know their program, their instructional styles and then as individuals.  It was a good weekend.

Bob and Ben were in town to teach their Beyond Concealed Carry Course and I am guessing that they will be back in Ohio in the future to teach again.  Until that happens you have the opportunity to train with Safety Solutions Academy.  SSA’s Parallel course would be our Critical Defensive Handgun Course.  It is carefully designed to help you understand and master THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILLS for defending yourself and those that you love should you face a violent encounter where innocent life is on the line.  Follow the link and check out the course outline for our Critical Defensive Handgun course and get registered today!

What you can expect to learn:

  • Why Bob and Ben like podcasting as a way to reach folks like you
  • How the Handgun World Show and Modern Self Protection got their start
  • What it is that motivated these two firearms industry podcasters to move into firearms training
  • What Beyond Concealed Carry is all about
  • What challenges the course and it’s instructors have faced as they have matured in both instruction and podcasting

Take Advantage of These Important Resources:

One of the things that Ben and I talked about was the book, The Gift of Fear.  It should be on the top of your reading list if you haven’t read it.



Here is What You Should Do Next:

  • Listen to Modern Self Protection
  • Listen to Handgun World
  • Get some training


Thanks for taking the time to consider what I have to say!


-= Paul Carlson =-


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