The Importance of Belts and Holsters

Belts and holsters for CCWRecently I was contacted by the Gander Mountain Academy staff about writing an article for their e-blast. The stipulation was they were looking for, “something about gear, but, different.”

No problem, I can do different. I’d like to think that I tend to look at defensive shooting from a less common point of view than many. The defensive firearms industry has a tendency to look at the low hanging fruit when it comes to gear reviews and analysis. It’s understandable why. The consumer in general looks at the gun and the gun alone as the solution to the problem. This is a narrow view and parallels the idea that law enforcement officers are the solution to crime. Are cops important? Of course, but they aren’t the entire equation. It’s the same with the gun. It’s a vital piece of gear but without a serious support crew it is never going to be where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

I take a look at the important role that the belt and the holster play in supporting the gun when it comes to self defense in the most recent Gander Mountain E-Blast.

You can read the article here.

If you aren’t subscribed to Gander Mountains Academy e-newsletter you should consider it. Gander Mountain has made a strong commitment to education in the defensive shooting industry. The Gander Mountain Academy locations and the information they are putting out are a large part of this commitment. Sign up for the GMA E-blast for quality info in the future.

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