So really, what kind of changes should you expect from the SSA blog?

SSA-logo-300_RGB-2Yesterday I filled you in on the fact that times were changing and that there would be changes with Safety Solutions Academy, LLC.  I was pretty general, but did share some information about what was driving the changes and what you could generally expect.

If you want to take a look at what I wrote yesterday about those changes you can check out the post here.

Today I want to hone in a bit on an area where you can expect to see some changes and I want to highlight the specific changes you can expect to see.

I’m talking specifically about the Safety Solutions Academy blog.

The fact is, my blog has been terribly inactive.  I have struggled to find the time to post let alone the time to create the content to be posted due to everything that has been going on.  I know I’m not alone in being busy.  Everyone is busy and the reality is that we all need to prioritize.

Fact, the SSA blog has been a low priority.  I have ranked working with real live people, video content and other projects like designing and bringing the Plan B to market as more important than writing.

I don’t feel like that was a mistake, but it would be a mistake now not to make a change!  You see, my time isn’t as constricted as it once was and the result is there can be more items on the to do list.  Items that will actually get accomplished.

Safety_solutions_academy.JPGSo here is my intent: TONS MORE WRITTEN CONTENT!

I’m looking at things this way.  I do a lot of writing.  Not necessarily for the blog, but for everything else.  I write for the SSA podcast, for videos, for magazine articles, for ebooks that are on their way and more.  All of those writings are the foundation for a great blog if I simply take the time to restructure them to fit in a blog format, and I have a plan to do exactly that!

I am currently working on my editorial calendar and I’m structuring things like this:

Each week you can expect:

  • Four blog posts Mon-Thurs that focus around a central theme.  These posts won’t be too long, but they won’t be super short either I would say you could expect an average of 700ish words or so.  Enough words to give you some solid information about whatever part of the niche we are taking a look at that particular week.  If you look at yesterday’s post and today’s you might notice a theme.  Yup, you got it.  Changes at SSA.  Guess what I will be writing about tomorrow?  Yes, you really do get it.  More changes at SSA.  (I gotta say, tomorrow’s post has me pretty amped up.  I’m excited enough that I’m not even going to clear the topic with Grant Cunningham!  Make sure to check it out.)
  • A fifth, unifying blog post every Friday.  This post is designed to be a one stop shop for any one that wants to dive deep into the particular topic.  It will contain links to all of the individual blog posts as well as other resources and information that is unique to that post.

ssa-gho-011-the-concealed-carry-system-with-paul-carlson-and-grant-cunningham4_thumbnail.jpgFor me the structure really makes sense.  Each day I do some quality specific work that by the end of the week adds up to more than each piece individually.  It gives you a reason to stop by Safety Solutions Academy more regularly and all told, the idea is to spread the work I’m doing to more and more folks so that they can lead a safer life as a result.

The coolest thing that I see happening is a logical progression of quality content being developed that will lead to bigger and better things.

Imagine. With some refinement, reorganization and added information, a weeks worth of posts could end up being a chapter in an E-book, or a video or podcast series…

How cool is that?

I must say, I’m excited and I hope you are too.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to talk with you about an exciting new project Grant and I will be tackling every Wednesday.  It is going to be big and awesome and exciting!

Talk to you then!

-=Paul Carlson=-



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