Live Weekly Video Show with Grant and Paul

Grant and Paul Weekly:

A new, weekly, one hour personal security video show launches September, 9th.

concealed carry revolverHave you ever been involved in an idea that was simply too good to pass up?  I have, but as luck would have it, my internet connection just wasn’t up to muster.

I have a new internet connection and it is a time of changes, so It is time to dive back in to live video!

Last year, Grant Cunningham and I made a valiant attempt at holding some Google Hangouts.  We had some solid attendance of a live audience, and solid views after the fact.  The number one complaint, however, was poor audio and video quality.

It wasn’t just bad, it was horrible.  I mean really bad.  I looked and sounded like I was a robot.  Not a cool robot either…

So after 11 episodes (that was a pretty good run) we hung it up waiting for a better connection to come my way.  One that could handle quality video and audio.

That time is now!

What will “Insert Cool Name Here” Weekly look like?

Defensive_handgun_training_in_the_rain.JPGWhat a great question.  The reality is, the concept is still taking shape at this time, but there is no doubt it is going to be a quality production.

You can expect top notch content, great sound and quality video along with rapid posting to youtube and the “Whatever” Weekly website.

The rest is up in the air.  I have a call scheduled with Grant today to hash out some of the details.  We will be talking about what shape we want the show to take and with discuss:

  • Show segments and topics
  • Live questions
  • Guests
  • Viewer emails
  • Logos
  • News
  • And who know what else might come up.

What do you think is missing from the other video casts out there?  What would you like to see in “???” Weekly?

Use the comments below to let us know!

Of course both and Safety Solutions Academy are for profit businesses so we will have some tasteful advertising to quality sponsors and our own endeavors like this ad for SSA’s Critical Defensive Handgun.

Really for the best defensive handgun training out there, you should register today!


I do know I’ll need a new studio for recording!

That is right!  I know that the current studio area I have set up just isn’t going to cut it.  It was tough for me to record in that area when I was slapping a show together, but for a more professional deal like this, I’m going to need an area that is professional.  We are talking the potential for multiple camera angles, a work bench, great lighting, etc.

I’m lucky that that kind of a space isn’t going to be hard for me to come up with.  I’ll need to do some work, some rearranging, and there will be paint involved, and definitely some more lighting to make sure you can see what is going on, but I should be ready in early September.

There are two big things that I need to sort out so that the show can be the best that it can be for a Google Hangout.

  1. Lighting
  2. Sound

Lighting is always a challenge.  It can be expensive and it can make the studio uncomfortably hot.  Since I am making the studio area bigger that means more lights too.  I am looking for a good LED solution to try and take care of some of those issues.

When it comes to sound, I found out when jumping on a Google Hangout with Practically Tactical a while back that my system that works perfectly well with Skype and the Gun Nation Podcast Makes GHO’s angry…  Lucky me.  Grant says he has a solution and I look forward to it.

In the mean time, I have been reading as much as I can about sound and hopefully will have made some good adjustments to my gear and studio area so that it sounds great.

I have taken a lot of what is written in this ebook and put it to use.

Hopefully it will help!


Guests are something I’m really looking forward to!

I’m not sure that we will start off with guests right out of the gate, but I do look forward to having the chance to interview and interact with other industry professionals and help bring quality information to you!

Do This:

If you have an idea of what you would like to see in a professional weekly video show about personal protection, self-defense and the topics that surround it, comment below this post.  Let Grant and I know what would make sure YOU are glued to the screen each and every week!

All week long I have been writing about changes that are taking place at Safety Solutions Academy.  I have to say, this project has got me thinking the most.  I am excited to bring quality information to you on a weekly basis in a video format.  I look forward to working with Grant, and interacting with you!

Mark your calendar for September 9th at noon!!!

Thanks for taking the time to consider what I have to say!

-= Paul Carlson =-

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