Secret Compartment Furniture and Defensive Handgun Storage with M

The use of firearms for personal defense is an important right that has many responsibilities that accompany it. One of those responsibilities is making sure that your defensive firearms are stored and staged safely and securely.

If you have children in your home that responsibility should be crystal clear. Those defensive firearms that are part of your life to protect your loved ones could become the implement that harms them if they are not stored properly.

The issue that lots of folks run into is that storing firearms securely can limit your access to them when you need them most. There is danger on both sides of the equation. If your firearm is inaccessible when you need it you risk the consequences of a violent home invasion. On the other hand, if your defensive handgun is too accessible you risk unauthorized users accessing your defensive handgun and possibly using it to harm you or those that you love. In addition, those that mean no harm could get ahold of your defensive firearms and injure themselves or someone else. None of these consequences are positive.

As with many things in life, a balance needs to be struck. A balance between securing your defensive firearms from unauthorized users while at the same time staging them in a way that allows you access should you need to defend your home, your family or yourself.

This table from
could be an option for you to stage your defensive handgun.

You can see that my seven year old daughter had no idea that there could be any kind of secret compartment inside the table. As a result as long as the compartment was kept a secret, a defensive firearm would be relatively secure.

This method of having a hidden but insecure firearm might not be a practical solution for everyone, however, it may be a perfect solutions for folks in some circumstances.

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