Revolver Concealed Carry Training with Grant Cunningham

Home defense revolverDo you carry a revolver as a concealed carry handgun? Maybe a wheel gun is your back up for when you can’t access your primary. Or do you keep a reliable large frame revolver by the bedside to protect yourself and those that you love? Do you get enough training with that revolver?

I know the answer for me is no. Especially realistic training that will really help me to perform at my best when I need to most, during a violent encounter where my life is on the line.

We really need that training time with our actual defensive handgun. You know, the one you actually carry not the gun that is the most fun to shoot at the range.

When we are talking about revolvers that training time might be more important than we think. Of course we know that a revolver has some outstanding features such as reliability and the fewest steps possible to get shots on target. At the same time, we have to be realistic about the wheel gun. Revolvers have a limited capacity. Their sights that may be close to nonexistent. Revolvers almost always have a relatively long, heavy trigger pull. Don’t forget the complex reloading and malfunction remediation procedures.

It’s these complexities that make training so important. We need to learn the right skills and practice those skills under the supervision of an expert. Not just any firearms instructor has the knowledge of revolvers and the skills to convey that knowledge efficiently to students. This makes it difficult for everyday people like you and me to get the training we really need. So we settle for reading a book or watching a few YouTube videos and we risk finding information that is incorrect or missing out on the valuable feedback that only live training with a qualified instructor can provide.

Revolver CCWWhen it comes to training to protect ourselves and those that we love we can’t afford to make those kinds of mistakes. The consequences can be too great to take shortcuts.

This frustration of mine is exactly why I decided to go right to the source for revolver specific training. I read the book, Defensive Revolver Fundamentals by Grant Cunningham and you should do the same. But I wanted the feedback from live training with THE expert. I wanted the interaction to get better, faster. So I used my connections in the industry to contact the author of the most current, most comprehensive defensive revolver book on the market and bring him to me for training.

That is exactly the opportunity I’m offering to you. The chance to train in person with revolver expert, gunsmith and author of Defensive Revolver Fundamentals, Grant Cunningham. You see, Grant is a professional defensive shooting instructor, an expert with the wheel gun and it’s defensive application. This positions him as one of the top resources in the nation for practical, realistic defensive skills that pertain specifically to the revolver.

The opportunity to train in person with Grant is one that will change how you think of your revolver as a defensive tool.

Grant Cunningham revolver expertYou can expect to learn:

  • How to get your revolver into action safely from the holster so that you can stop the threat without adding risk to yourself and those you love.
  • Dealing with the long, heavy trigger pull of the revolver efficiently so you can get shots in the threat wen you need to most.
  • Reloading the revolver. When and how to keep your wheel gun fed and in the condition to help you win.
  • Dealing with malfunctions. What is the best way to solve the infrequent failures when Murphy rears his ugly head.
  • The concepts and principles of personal security that will help you to avoid using your gun in the first place and help you prevail when you find yourself in the altercation you can’t avoid.

It isn’t very often that you have the opportunity to train with someone like Grant Cunningham and get the specific training you need to improve your defensive revolver skills. Already we have had people from 5 different states registered for this course because they know that this kind of training is a rare opportunity.

If you count on a revolver as your defensive gun of choice this course should be at the top of your list. The good news is that it can be!

There are still a few spots available but they will fill quickly. If you understand how important quality training can be, click on the link, check out the details and get registered today.

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  1. Eddie Berry
    Eddie Berry says:

    If I click the above link (yes, please send me the videos) click here to sign up now I get an error, tried it 3x.
    Error says”app not set up, the developers of this ap have not it up properly for Facebook login”

    Is there another way to get these videos?

    Eddie. 336-588-1593

    • PaulCarlson
      PaulCarlson says:

      Eddie – log out of facebook and give it a try. I’m guessing something has changed with my fb app. I will try and get it sorted out. If not I’ll get you registered manually.


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