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SSA Hangouts on the AirOver the past three years I have been working hard to get new content out to those that are interested in leading a safer life. As SSA has grown and evolved the difficulty of the task has waxed and waned.

Technology has played a big role in this process as well.  I’m not the most accomplished techie and making the webinology happen takes a lot more effort than I would like it to.

I work heavily with other folks in the in the industry and one of the individuals that I have regular contact with is Grant Cunningham, owner of Personal Security Institute, revolver expert and author.  I can’t tell you how it happened, but Grant and I started down the road of learning about Google Hangouts on the Air.  Despite some technological challenges, we have recorded 3 Google Hangouts on Air and there are certainly more to come.

The current plan is for Grant and I to go live every Thursday at 9:30 PM Eastern.  We will be talking about Critical Defensive Skills and I’m sure that we will be covering concepts that are important to you.  If not, jump on one of the hangouts, comment, and let us know what you want us to talk about!

You can take a look at whats going on with our Google Hangouts by following this link.

SSA Google Hangouts

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