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0346 – Modifying training to ensure safety with Daniel Shaw

If you spend any reasonable amount of time training with firearms, you are likely to run across a situation that is less than ideal. Weather can be tough. Ranges can be problematic. There can be all kinds of issues that can pop up. When things don’t go the way we want them to with regards to safety, we have two choices:

  1. Blindly, recklessly press on
  2. Make modifications to ensure the safety of those participating and others.

One of these options is the correct one and I bet you are smart enough to figure out which one.


I’ll start by saying that I wish I would have gotten this posted earlier. At the same time, it is kinda cool that it is going up on March, 23.

I enjoy spending time with quality people. It’s even better when they are quality trainers. Several weeks back I hopped a jet out to Wichita, Kansas to teach a Critical Defensive Handgun course for Daniel Shaw and Thunderbird Tactical. The class went wonderfully as Thunderbird is a classy operation that is developing a training culture of quality people in Wichita.

Even though the class went well, it wasn’t easy. On day 1, the temperatures were in the 20’s and the winds were gusting to 25mph. It was cold and were were dressed for the weather more than we were dressed for training. Some people might be thinking, “tough it out!” “If it ain’t raining it ain’t training…” Wait let me guess, when the rain is sideways and freezing on you it’s all the better right?

I don’t think so.

You see, as a Combat Focus Shooting Instructor I understand the concept of safety. We train to be safer so we do not want our training to harm us. It really is that simple. I would rather cancel class or modify what we are doing than have a student seriously injured.

In today’s podcast I talk with Daniel Shaw, the director of training for Thunderbird, about modifying training to make sure students remain safe.

Take a listen. If you are a trainer you might find some tips to help you keep your students as safe as possible. If you are a student you may find some insight into what you can do to keep yourself safe if you find yourself in a course with an instructor who doesn’t understand safety the way you and I do.

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