Heizer 223 AR Pistol

Pocket 223 ar

I have to say I’m intrigued by the Heizer Defense Pocket .223 AR Pistol.

This tiny, single shot pistol is born from Heizer Defense and the success of their Pocket Shotgun .410/.45 Long Colt single shot Pistol.

The Pocket AR sports a stainless steel frame, a trigger that lives on roller bearings, a blackstrap that is smoothly radiused, a total width of .7″ and the reputation, according to Heizer, “the smallest powerful handgun.”



The Pocket .223 AR Pistol is chambered in .223 and will not be recommended for use with 5.56 NATO ammunition.  In addition to a comfortable radius on the back strap the Heizer pistol sports an extractor.

In testing, Heizer has experienced velocities out of the 1″, 1 in 6″ twist barrel between 1200 and 1500 FPS.  It will be interesting to see if the pistol reproduces those velocities in testing.

When I spoke with Gary Ramey, the GM/COO of Heizer Defense he talked about the gun as being a great companion to the new AR-15 that many people have purchased recently.  Gary used the word “novelty” to describe the product.

Hopefully we will have a Heizer in our hands for testing in late June.  Stay tuned!




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