0344 – Interview with Firearms Instructor Claude Werner

Today we revisit SHOT Show and talk with Claude Werner.  Claude approaches self-defense and concealed carry from an analytic and unique position in comparison to the majority of instructors that are out there and as a result Claude tends to see things in a bit of a different light than others.  I always appreciate the opportunity to look at a familiar subject from another point of view.  Doing so can help to make sure that we don’t miss the point due to our natural tendency to be self-centered.

Another great aspect of this interview is the fact that Claude turned the tables on me and had seven seven questions he was asking trainers in the industry.  It was a pleasant turn of events to be placed on the spot and instead of asking the questions, I got to do the answering.

Make sure that you take a look at Claude’s websites as there are some great articles and training opportunities available, including summaries of his interviews with the other instructors he caught up with at SHOT Show.  You can find him at DryFire-Practice and the Atlanta Firearms Examiner.

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  1. Chuck Reed
    Chuck Reed says:

    Paul what an outstanding interview with Claude Werner. So much great information and thought provoking ideas. The final question is prolific, why should people take training? Like you said many people claim to have been hunters or target shooters for years. But to draw from a holster or concealment is a totally different discipline. That’s why I took training, to learn how to react to a critical incident. Your discussion with Claude should spur everyone who carries or wants to carry to seek out this level of training and more. Thanks for the great podcast!


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