National Safety Month Gun Safety Campaign

Safety Solutions Academy is the name of my company and it shouldn't…

0152 - Download to Extend Your Resources

In today's computer age the word download is prevalent, however, when we head out to the range people tend to be more in the full capacity mindset. If a magazine holds 17 rounds we like to stuff it full. This only makes sense. Who pours half of a cup of coffee or has half a scoop of ice cream, or drinks half of a beer? The American way is to fill it up! Well just like in the previous examples loading our mags to partial capacity can have some benefits. Today we take a look at what the benefits might be to downloading our magazines.

0111 - Principles of Unarmed Self-Defense

I have been studying unarmed self-defense for a lot of years. I began as a student with Ian Kinder of Live Safe Academy where I gained an understanding as a student. Now as I continue to use Ian's material I have been gaining a new and better understanding of the material as I study it from the viewpoint of an instructor. As I have been reorganizing my unarmed combatives program I began to reflect on the principles of unarmed self-defense. Today as we begin an extended look at unarmed combat, we examine the principles that help to direct me as an instructor.