Rob Pincus

A resource page for Rob Pincus, Owner, I.C.E. Training.


One of the individuals that I have spent a good bit of time with in the industry is Rob Pincus.

In 2009, while searching for instructor development programs that had similar characteristics to Lou Chiodo’s Target Focused Shooting, I came across a series of podcasts that Rob Pincus had uploaded to iTunes related to the big picture concepts of the Combat Focus Shooting Program. I was pleased to hear that many of the foundational principles of the program aligned with what I had been studying.

It wasn’t long before I was enrolled in 4 days of training with I.C.E. Training and Rob Pincus. I spent 2 days on the range with Rob applying the CFS principles to the rifle and then an additional 2 days with Rob, Jamie Onion and Andy Loeffler getting into the nitty gritty of the defensive handgun and what Rob now calls Counter Ambush Methodology.

I was intrigued to say the least and that was the beginning of my association with Rob, Combat Focus Shooting and I.C.E. Training.

Since that time I have had consistent contact with Rob and I try to make it a point to share the information that Rob and I discuss with you when I can.

This page will serve as a resource for those interactions and other resources that Rob has made available for your benefit.

Enjoy and LEARN!