Gun Storage vs. Defensive Handgun Staging

What is the difference between storage and staging and why does it matter?

If you have firearms in your life, you have made a conscious decision to have guns for recreation, collecting, competition, or for personal defense.  What you probably aren’t interested in is someone you love being injured by those firearms.

One of the most important ways to make sure that doesn’t happen is to make sure your guns are properly stored or staged.

Stage your defensive handgun

It isn’t difficult to properly store or stage your guns, but there are some important points that you want to make sure that you pay attention to when you do store or stage.

Only you can decide when, where and how to stage a gun for defensive use.  You also need to consider some fine points of staging to make sure that you don’t tip the balance too far towards security or too far towards accessibility for the specific application and situation that you are working to deal with.

Our purpose in this post is to help you to consider those finer points and make an overall improvement in your safety through better storage and staging practices.