Plan B on the Range

Thoughts from Modern Self Protection

Testing & Evaluation

The what and why behind T&E.

In developing The Plan B for the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield getting feedback on that product has been imperative.  As the product developer, my ideas, thoughts and opinions are important, but I’m not creating the product for me.  Instead, the Plan B is for the people that will use it every day when they carry their Shield concealed.

Since the Plan B is a self-defense related product testing and evaluation is even more important.  I have worked hard to get feed back not only from customers who are early adopters of the Plan B Prototypes, but also a Testing and Evaluation Crew made up of industry experts.

Ben Branam of Modern Self Protection is one of those industry experts I called on.  As a Marine, former civilian contractor, armed professional, and professional defensive firearms instructor, Ben has some insight on how a defensive shooting accessory needs to perform.

Since Ben owns a S&W Shield in 9mm he was a perfect candidate to take a look at the Plan B.  I fired a couple out to him and within 24 hours he had put some thoughts onto video.