Defensive Handgun Training Opportunities

Defensive handgun trainingSafety Solutions Academy has had a very busy and successful summer and we are planning on closing the summer season with a defensive handgun training bang!

August 23rd & 24th will be the final 2-Day Critical Defensive Handgun before we start to shift gears toward back to school, fall, and all the other things that come along with Labor Day weekend.

In addition, this course is also the final opportunity to meet the prerequisite of completion of a Critical Defensive Handgun Course prior to our Advanced Critical Defensive Handgun Course in September. Click here to register.

Now Is The Time!

Advanced concealed carry

I have been in touch with lots of folks over the past year that have set a goal of getting appropriate defensive firearm training accomplished this summer. Some of you have done exactly that and now carry your defensive handgun with an increased level of proficiency and a realistic understanding of their ability to use that concealed carry handgun. Those of you who haven’t yet made the concrete plans to get that training, now is your opportunity.  August is a great time to get your training in before the Weser turns sour.

Why Proper Defensive Training Is Important

When we look at the way violence occurs to everyday average people like you and me it is really quite disturbing. The good guys like us really don’t have much of a say in how this violence takes place. The criminal attacker selects who they will attack. They choose where the attack will take place. the select when it is going to happen and what that attack will look like. It is a sobering moment when you realize that you have such little control over violence when it occurs. This reality can leave you feeling helpless.

You are far from helpless, however. You see, although you don’t get much of a say in the specifics of the violence you face, you do have a strong influence over how you prepare for that violence. You make the decision to carry a concealed handgun. You carefully select that handgun and the important gear that helps you carry it. You make the commitment to get quality defensive handgun training that helps to prepare you for the reality of violent crime. The decisions you make BEFORE you are involved in violence make a difference.

Why is CDH the right defensive handgun training?Defensive handgun training

There are many classes out there that teach you how to shoot. The problem is that protecting yourself from a violent attack is about more than shooting. Much more. A large portion of prevailing in a violent encounter is understanding how your body is likely to react to the lethal threat you face and how you can incorporate those reactions into your defensive training so that you can work with the survival positives your body employs to survive rather than to fight against them. This is the foundation for Critical Defensive Handgun. A solid understanding of how you are likely to respond to violence and a logical incorporation of these responses into your handgun training.

Here is a Google Hangout that I recorded with Grant Cunningham of PErsonal Security Institute talking about Critical Defensive Handgun Skills.

This course is specifically designed to meet your needs as a student. CDH isn’t the same course taught weekend after weekend. Instead, it is tailored to evaluate and meet your needs when it comes to defensive handgun training. 

Follow this link to get yourself registered for Critical Defensive Handgun.

In the Critical Defensive Handgun course, we’ll cover imperative defensive shooting topics such as:

  • Solid, defensive shooting fundamentals that work well with your body’s natural reactions
  • How to make the shots you need to make as quickly as you can
  • How to quickly and safely draw your defensive handgun
  • How to reload your gun efficiently when it matters most
  • Managing recoil and how you can get multiple hits on your threat quickly
  • How to deal with an attack from more than one threat
  • Defending yourself with your gun when you only have one hand to work with
  • Getting your gun back in the fight when it stops working
Here is a course debrief and what other students about Critical Defensive Handgun

It is training like this that prepares you to shift the tide in a violent encounter. Why be a victim when instead you can potentially exploit opportunities to take back the control of your safety and security?

What are you waiting for? Register now for the 2 Day Critical Defensive Handgun Course August 23rd and 24th and end your summer with a bang!