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Responsible gun storageUpdate:  As expected Rob did a great job on his Fox & Friends segment regarding responsible defensive firearm storage.  Fox presented a fair shake on handgun storage and Rob was able to quickly and concisely communicate his points.

You can view Rob’s segment here.

This Thursday, August 7, 2014 Rob Pincus will be making an appearance on Fox New’s Fox and friends around 7:45 He will discuss defensive firearm storage.

Here is a video about firearm storage from the Personal Defense Network.

Second Amendment Success!

In case you live under a rock, it is an exciting time to be involved in the firearms industry.

Concealed carry permits are being applied for in record numbers and in unlikely places such as, California and Illinois.

Women are making the choice to have firearms as part of their personal protection plan and they are seeking out quality training at a previously unheard of rate.

Responsible handgun storageDefensive Firearm Training companies seem to outnumber corner drug stores and it is becoming downright fashionable to be a student.

These are fabulous trends to see especially if you are like me and have experienced life before, during and after the Clinton ban. There are lots of reasons for thee amazing progress we have made with regards to the second amendment in the past decade.

  • An adversarial administration hasn’t hurt
  • Favorable decisions from the Supreme Court have been pivotal
  • Challenging financial times certainly have helped further the cause
  • The digital age has assisted in spreading the messageDefensive handgun storage

Years of effort produces results.

Much of the credit however goes to individuals that have invested themselves into getting the message out to the masses.

Rob Pincus is one of those people. Rob is a trainer, an author, and managing editor of Personal Defense Network. His views and logical approach appeal widely to those that are interested in personal security. In addition, Rob has worked actively as an ambassador to those who sit on the fence with regards to defensive firearms.

Defensive Firearm Storage is an important issue.

Defensive firearm storage is one of the sticking points that people face when deciding if a firearm is right for their defensive plan.  Understanding defensive firearm storage can make or break the decision for many, especially those that don’t have extensive experience with defensive firearms.

Here Rob talks about kids and guns with his daughter and Talking Lead.

Pincus’ Combat Focus Shooting Program provides for a realistic training program for those who are interested in taking their understanding of defensive firearms to the next level, and is a strong foundational piece for what I teach in our SSA’s Critical Defensive Handgun courses.

Make sure to tune in to Fox News’ Fox and Friends this Thursday morning to hear Rob’s conversation about defensive firearms storage.


I’m currently traveling internationally so I’ll be counting on my inter webs to catch Rob’s appearance.  Whether I see it or not, it is sure to have a positive impact on the firearms industry.

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  1. Talking Lead
    Talking Lead says:

    Fantastic article Paul! You make a great point. With personal protection becoming a “fashion” statement more and more these days, it’s imperative that outlets like ours promote the importance of the safety aspects to firearm ownership and where to go to get properly trained. Rob Pincus is definitely the person to turn to. With his informative books, videos and personal training courses, Rob should be every gun owners “Go-To” source for not only firearm safety information but for how-to-training skills as well.

    P.S. Thanks for the link to our vid!

    -Zeke and Lefthand


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