Wilson Combat’s New EDC X9

I spent my weekend with my face buried in my monitor editing video. As a freelancer, I get assignments from a host of others and it is my job to deliver a completed product. Sometimes that product is a written piece, sometimes it is photography work, other times I need to shoot and edit video and other times, like this weekend, I simply need to edit photos and video that I’m supplied with to create a final product.

Wilson Combat EDC X9

I get paid well enough for the work that I do, but there is a problem. It isn’t a problem that is mine alone. You see, anyone that works in a field that they are passionate about feels my pain. Let me explain and you are gonna have to bear with me as I am gonna take the long way around…

The Problem

On Friday afternoon I received an email from one of my editors at Athlon Outdoors.  The email asked a simple question, “Paul, do you want to take care of an editing project?”

I enjoy editing video.  I really enjoy getting paid for doing things that I enjoy.  Of course the answer is yes.

Within an hour I had the assets downloaded and in a new video project.  I selected some music, and got to work.

You can see the final product of my work at Tactical-Life.com.

As I worked, I became a bit more familiar with the topic of my video.  The new Wilson Combat EDC X9.  Those that spend a lot of time at Safety Solutions Academy won’t be surprised that at first, I wasn’t super fired up about the gun.  I love me some 1911’s but they really aren’t my main focus.  I mean, it is a 1911 right?

Yes and no.

The Gun

The EDC X9 is a 15+1 9mm. There is the first departure from the 1911 platform. It is a double stack and that means that this pistol takes care of one of the issues I have with the 1911 platform. Capacity. Hmmm. Add to the GLOCK 19 style capacity that this gun has a “slim” grip, and I become a bit more curious. High capacity (compared to 1911’s) and the slim grip profile of a 1911. I like it.

The gun comes fairly well appointed from Wilson with a green fiber optic front sight and a Wilson Battlesight rear sight (for battling.) The single action gun has an Armor Tuff finish to protect the flat top serrations and the X-Tac front and rear serrations and is available with an optional ambi safety lever.

The gun looks sharp thanks to it’s unique grip design, G10 scales, and quality machine work that Wilson is known for. The flush barrel and recessed crown along with the barrel fluting for weight reduction (28.6 oz unloaded) elevate the good looks to down right sexy.

Wilson reports that the EDC X9 takes reliability to a new level with guns making it 1500 rounds between cleaning and lubrication as well as test guns enduring more than 10,000 rounds with only reasonable and expected wear.
And so we come back to my problem…. I haven’t even shot the gun and yet I want one.

Remember the Problem?

So after reading all the specs and considering the fact that I actually want this gun despite having never shot it we need to come full circle here…

Since I am an internet hard ass, you understand that for me, two is one and one is none.  So I really would prefer to have two of Wilson’s new pistol.

With an MSRP of $2895 and the check from my publisher this project seems to have set me back just a little bit less than six grand…  I think my problem is probably pretty clear now.

Don’t let my problem be your problem.

You can and should check out the video at Tactical-Life.com. In addition, make sure you pick up the May/June issue of Combat Handguns where the whole exclusive on the Wilson EDC X9 will be ready for your reading pleasure. The issue will be on the newsstand nationwide on March 14th, or, you can subscribe to Combat Handguns at OutdoorGroupStore.com.

I also thought about suggesting you contact my editors and let them know that you want to see more work from me, but, I have a feeling, based on my experience with the Wilson EDC X9, more work isn’t going to help the problem…