Why Carry Concealed?


Do you carry concealed? Are you thinking about carrying concealed? If you do carry, why? If not, why not?

In this quick video we talk about the reasons why people carry and why they don’t.

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  1. Logic Bob
    Logic Bob says:

    I carry for the same basic reasons as you; an obligation to myself and my
    family and because I couldn’t think of a reason NOT to carry that didn’t
    sound like a cop out or an excuse (Money? Comfort? Convenience?).

  2. IntheLowcountry
    IntheLowcountry says:

    I carry for the same reasons to protect myself and my family. Not my
    property or other people. I carried my G26 about 50% of the time and found
    it hard to conceal because of my active lifestyle . I switched to pocket
    carry a ruger lcp about 98% of the time. I also don’t feel anymore safer
    with a pistol then without. I just have an advantage over the other guy.

  3. 3InSupremes
    3InSupremes says:

    I carry because rights that go unexercised will be lost and because I want
    to have the tools to protect myself, loved ones and other innocent people
    if need be. But I live in IL so don’t tell anyone k?

  4. Blitz678
    Blitz678 says:

    I carry concealed because you never know what is going to happen. Notice
    that there are lots of fire extinguishers and automatic defibrillators
    around because there isn’t fire fighter or paramedic around when you need
    one in an emergency, same thing about cops. Rich people can have body
    guards around them, but us average joes can’t afford that, so we carry
    concealed to protect ourselves. Property can always be insured, but my
    family, friends, and my life is important enough for me to protect

  5. Michael Elswick
    Michael Elswick says:

    I carry concealed because people frown on me walking around with an AR-15.
    Plus the police only get called after a crime is committed. You can’t undo
    a murder or rape. You can’t magically fix a broken sense of security after
    a home invasion or assault. Life assurance instead of life insurance.

  6. Safety Solutions Academy
    Safety Solutions Academy says:

    No doubt @Blitz678. I especially like your correlation between medical life
    saving action and self-defense. It is simple logic isn’t it!

  7. kzguns
    kzguns says:

    I know I will most likely never need to use my gun but Ii choose to carry
    ALL the time because I refuse to be a victim and I refuse to let my wife
    and daughter be a victim.

  8. saintvonlouis
    saintvonlouis says:

    I carry for the safety of myself and love ones. I train not only shooting
    my handgun but I do dry runs on reaching, un hosting and aiming at my
    target. The way that life is I’m more unturned in my environment. Now. I’m
    one that carry all ways I would hate for something to happen and knowing
    that I could have changed the outcome if I would have had my hand gun.

  9. michael shampine
    michael shampine says:

    I live in Illinois I don’t want a answer but I wish I new how many of us do
    carry at least from time to time just out of fear for our loved ones funny
    that fear can overcome the fear of being arrested from one that would not
    do 5mph over the limit. I know this! if our tyrant politicians give us back
    what they never had the right to take I will have one of them on like I put
    pants on if you have a CCW permit exercise your right and never give it up

  10. michael shampine
    michael shampine says:

    I wish we could hold all the politicians and the ones that upheld it for
    all these years accountable for all the wrongs and deaths that this law
    caused. the last 3 of 5 Illinois governors HAVE GONE TO JAIL to bad stupid
    politician does not qualify Quinn for jail time of course it is a

  11. IntheLowcountry
    IntheLowcountry says:

    I wasn’t hard to carry just hard for me to conceal. I have kids and am very
    active. I also wear shirts that are not baggy. I just always found myself
    printing and a few times after bending over my shirt gets hung up on my
    G26. I also find it much more convenient to just put my LCP in my pocket
    and go.

  12. Safety Solutions Academy
    Safety Solutions Academy says:

    Two guns? Man, you are paranoid or something, just like me… Glock 17 and
    a S&W 342, EVERY DAY!

  13. JPrez252
    JPrez252 says:

    “Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.” I
    choose to carry concealed because “yes” it is a safety blanket for me. I
    carry concealed to protect myself and loved ones and innocent lives around
    me. Having that weapon on me keeps me extra vigilant and keeps me in check
    of when to stay out of a situation and when to get involved.

  14. diehardgamer01
    diehardgamer01 says:

    I carry an HK USP.40 I’m an OIF/OND Vet I carry to protect myself, my loved
    ones and the innocent people around me

  15. John Wydra
    John Wydra says:

    I will use all the tools starting with the one on my shoulders. Be aware,
    alert, stay out of likely places that may draw you into a situation. Have a
    plan. Evade if necessary but determined not to just be another victim. Not
    a joke, just can’t run or fight like I used too, so the firearm is an
    equalizer in these situations. One strong point, a firearm does not make
    you safer without proper training, as you stated it is just the tool.

  16. Paulo Piula
    Paulo Piula says:

    I carry because I pay the highest taxes in the world, so I am definetely
    going to use all the rights that were given to me. Kisses from Brazil 🙂

  17. Chaos .
    Chaos . says:

    I carry concealed to defend myself and my family. I carry concealed because
    I’ve been robbed at knife point. I carry concealed because open carry isn’t
    an option.

  18. bnineteen soup
    bnineteen soup says:

    wow, outstanding! G17, warren tac sights. extended OEM slide release.
    undercut, finger notches removed. no stippling. AIWB, in a kydex micro
    carry rig (MCR) by RDR with G-code belt clips. on an Ares gear Ranger belt.
    1 spare mag in a kytex shooting gear mag pouch. no frills set up. my set up
    is subject to change (garment dependent) and i train all configurations. I
    would estimate that i carry above 95% of the time because i believe my
    individual safety is ultimately my personal responsibility.

  19. MrBlackborg917
    MrBlackborg917 says:

    I carry concealed because two members of my family have been killed on the
    streets in situations where a CWP would have saved their lives, or at least
    given them a fighting chance. I carry concealed because an idiot pulled a
    knife on me in a Wal-Mart parking lot because he thought I took his parking
    space. I carry because the world is full of fools. And my associates and I
    don’t fall into that category. Most of us are retired or former military
    and active LE or Armed security.

  20. tracy moore
    tracy moore says:

    I am taking a ccw class December 15th and I have never shot a handgun
    before but I want one for my safety and the safety of my family. Is it
    still a good idea to take the class if I am a little nervous about shooting
    a gun? The only thing I am afraid of is the kick back.

  21. tracy moore
    tracy moore says:

    What is the best recommendation for a pistol for a female first time
    carrier? Something that hasnt got alot of kick.

  22. Joseph Cargyle
    Joseph Cargyle says:

    i carry a concealed weapon in hopes of having an advantage over the
    attacker trying to kill me. Great vid guys, New subscriber!!


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