Vitals of Defense Episode I: Available for download now!

SSA_Shaw_HeadshotProject_ShawIn early May I spent a weekend in NC with Daniel Shaw of Gunfighter Cast in North Carolina. Daniel had invited me down to do some work on a video project and I must say I was both flattered and excited about being included and the prospects of the project. The excitement increased throughout our filming as we realized that the project was going to become much more than we ever expected.

We spent a full day out on the range filming firearms footage with multiple camera setups including a steady cam which yielded some great footage. We then worked into the early morning hours inside to get the main content of the video hammered out. It was a major undertaking and I am thrilled with the results.

Episode I of Vitals of Defense is now available and I encourage you to follow the link and download your copy today. It is just the beginning of a great project.

Whether you are new to defensive shooting or a seasoned veteran there is important information to help you be a more complete defensive shooter. The video covers topics that are relevant for concealed carry and home defense applications as well.

After you download, please make sure to comment here to let us know what you think and what you would like to see in the future episodes.

Get out there and get some training. Keep it simple and please stay safe!

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