Two Different Views on Being Armed

What are your thoughts on being armed for self-defense?

I don’t have a ton of time to listen to other podcasts, read blogs and peruse YouTube channels as I spend most of my time working on creating my own content.

Today as I zipped through my Facebook news feed a post by Grant Cunningham caught my eye:  “Do you carry a gun all the time?  I don’t.”  As always, it was a good read and struck a chord with me.

A bit further down a post from Monderno sucked my eye in.  It was titled, “Justice?”  Again, a good read and I connected with the ideas.

Here is the interesting thing, they are two different views on being armed.

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by. Please get out there and get some training. Keep it simple and stay safe!

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  1. The Duck
    The Duck says:

    Well they are both right, as Grant said not always, until things change, there are times we cannot be armed with a handgun, sometimes not even a knife. If you only solution is a gun, then it is like your only tool is a hammer, and all the problems look like nails.

    Yes you are responsible for your safety, and you should take steps to insure your well being, but your primary weapon is your brain, if you do not learn and accept the mindset, all the tools in the world will not save you, I’d say the girls that died in Indiana, lived in denial, that nothing bad would happen to them, and sadly when confronted by violence folded and became victims


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