The New Beretta APX

For the past four years, Beretta has been working diligently to release a quality handgun targeted specifically at the tactical community.  Today, with the apropos hashtag of #winthefight, the gun hits the market as the Beretta APX.

The APX is a striker fired, full size, duty pistol and its specifications show that it is suitable for military, law enforcement, private security work, home defense and for concealed carry for those that are able to conceal a full size handgun.  The preliminary performance I experienced with the APX on the range seems to back up this speculation.

With a polymer frame, and a 17 round capacity, the APX fits in with other modern striker fired handguns such as the full size GLOCK 17, 22 and the S&W M&P.  Like these pistols, APX models are offered in both 9mm and .40 S&W.  At the same time, the APX may share more in common with the SIG P320 as both are designed as modular guns based on a serialized stainless steel chassis.