TerraLUX TLH-10

ANSI Fl-1  High  Medium  Low  Quick Flash 
 Lumens  95  55  20  NA
 Distance (M)  101  95  50  NA
 Run Time (hrs)  1.4h  2.5  5.5  5

TerraLUX TLH-10

Two years ago at the National Sporting Goods Wholesalers Show in Orlando, Florida I randomly stopped by the TerrLux booth on the afternoon of the last day of the show. It was all the cool looking lights on the table. How is a guy supposed to walk past that?

I stopped and talked with Eric and Wade and they gave me an overview of what TerraLux was about and where they were headed. What I liked most was he fact that TerraLux was working to solve problems that I had with lights in the industry. Since then, I have paid attention to what TerraLux has been doing as they drive forward in the industry.

One of the products we talked about at NASGW was an aircraft aluminum bodied headlamp. TerraLUX had a prototype on hand and it was certainly impressive. Since than TerraLux has released 2 headlamps. I picked up one from Wade at SHOT Show this year, the TerraLux TLH-10. I am not disappointed.


TLH-10 headlamp from TerraLuxThe body of the TerraLux TLH-10 is built out of aircraft grade aluminum and my first impression is that this light is durable and capable despite its small size. It is powered by a single AA battery which is included with your purchase.

The TLH-10 has some great features especially when you consider the MSRP of this light is $36.99. This durable little light is impact resistant and submersible to one meter which takes it into the realm of durability you need with a light you can depend on.

4 lighting modes

The TLH-10 has 4 different modes to fit your specific purpose.
High mode is activated with the first press of the activation switch. This mode provides 95 lumens with a reach of more than 100 meters. The run time is 1.4 hours.
Medium mode is activated on the second press of the switch and throws 55 lumens 95 meters with a run time of 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Low mode is activated on the third press of the switch and provides 20 lumens over 50 meters for 5 hours and 30 minutes.
Rapid Flash is the fourth mode and has a run time of 5 hours.



The fact that the headlamp has a single button helps to simplify operation and get you the amount of light you need easily and quickly. All you need to do is press the button and it will cycle through the modes with each press. First High, then Medium, then Low then Quick Flash and finally off. A lock out mode is initiated when the light is in the off mode by simply pressing and holding the switch for 3 seconds. To unlock, simply press and hold for 3 seconds and the light activates in high mode.

Mounting System

The TLH-10 uses the standard headlamp straps with one strap wrapping around your head and the second reaching over your head from the lamp to the rear of the first strap. The aluminum housing is held snugly in a soft molded harness that allows for the light to be held in the position where it is set, but also to be adjusted infinitely in angle.

TerraLux is focused on providing high quality lights with accurate data on its performance so it is no surprise that this lights packaging is clearly labeled with the ANSI Fl1 specifications that the light meets.

I have been using headlamps long enough that I used to be the oddball who had a headlamp. Of course my friends used to make fun of that oddness but it was hard to get what they were saying. Afterall it’s hard to understand a guy with a MiniMag Light in his mouth. Over the years we have seen technology progress incredibly from large, heavy lights with a low output to today’s lighter, smaller, brighter lights. TerraLux is doing a great job taking advantage of available technology and putting it into a practical package.


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