National Safety Month Gun Safety Campaign

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0264 - Interview with Stacey Nagey of Primary Weapons Systems

The AR-15 is currently one of the most popular weapons platforms out there and like anything out there that is hot, it is stuck into a bunch of gunnisms. AR vs. AK, 5.56 vs. 6.whatever, 16" vs. 10.5", and probably one of the biggest out there right now, DI vs piston. There are lots of manufacturers out there building the best rifles they can with all the options customers can possibly think of and of course all the choices are fueling the fire. Today, our goal is to smother the blase and try to actually understand why we might want a piston gun. PWS is going to help us with that task.

0161 - Impact Weapons

Impact weapons are force multipliers. The increase the effectiveness of our strikes by increasing the amount of force we are able to apply. They do this by being hard and or reducing the surface area and or, increasing the speed that we can strike with. Today we will talk about how impact weapons work and what it is that I look for in an impact weapon.