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0276 - Four Things to Take Away From the School Shooting in Chardon, Ohio

My heart goes out to those affected by yesterday's events in Chardon. Early this afternoon the third victim died despite the efforts of those involved. I have invested a good bit of time today to try and bring truthful and quality information to you regarding the incidents yesterday. Part of that time was invested in talking with folks who are connected to the situation to try and gather facts on the situation. My goal with today's show is to take some general lessons from school violence and discuss. Much of the information coming from the event are still pretty fuzzy so understand that unless I specifically note a connection with the shooting in Chardon I am speaking in general terms. If I encourage something to be done I am not doing so because I believe it wasn't done in Chardon.

0195 - FF Jared Reston

I got several good responses for ideas for today's Friday Film. I literally picked the first submission and ran with it cause it was a great suggestion. Take a look at today's Friday Film and interview with Jared Reston.