National Safety Month Gun Safety Campaign

Safety Solutions Academy is the name of my company and it shouldn't…

0299 - Getting Children Into Car Seats Safely

I don't prescribe to the idea of safety based on good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods, but we can look at some patterns and do our best to choose where we spend our time. Where we live, work and go to school all tend to be what they are we mustn't forget that we control our own destiny and if we don't like our surroundings it is within our power to effect change in our lives. There are decisions that are even more under our control such as where we shop and where we spend our recreational time that we have even more control over.

0291 - Beach and Pool Safety Tips

I carry a gun with me when I go to the beach, but typically a violent lethal force situation is not my first concern. Don't get me wrong, we talk about when, not if and we should always be prepared, however, I feel like there are issues that have consequences that are just as severe and are much more likely to occur. I do my best to be ready for everything, but I start with events that have severe consequences that are likely to happen. Remember this is not some beach specific formula. This concept applies to us whatever we are doing and wherever we go.