National Safety Month Gun Safety Campaign

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0290 - Interview with Jason Silva of Students for Concealed Carry

These days it seems like just about everyone has a horse in the Campus Carry debate. I look at it from the progun side. I went to college, my wife went to college, someday my kids may go to college. There is no reason why each of us wouldn't want to be able to protect ourselves while we are working toward that higher education. Campus carry is a hot debate and Jason Silva of Students for Concealed Carry is going to talk with us about it today.

0279 - What is a Professional Defensive Shooting Instructor?

Firearm sales are through the roof and many folks that are buying guns are doing so for defensive purposes. This coupled with the number of states that are making it easier to carry a firearm defensively leads to a boom in training and an increase in training companies. Any time an industry expands there can be some growing pains. Different folks become involved for different reasons, some good, some not so good. A new organization has begun to some together to try and provide some guidance to Professional Defensive Shooting Instructors and their customers on what should be expected in the industry. The organization, the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors, developed the following code under the guidance of Rob Pincus, Grant Cunningham and Omari Broussard. Today I want to talk about the code and what it means to me.