National Safety Month Gun Safety Campaign

Safety Solutions Academy is the name of my company and it shouldn't…

0278 - Three Reasons I'll Be Going to 'See Act of Valor' Again

If you like action movies and at the same time despise what Hollywood does with them you are in for a treat with 'Act of Valor.' A great story with amazing action delivered by the men and women that are taking it to the mattress with dirtbags around the world. A great movie. I don't know what the last film is that I saw in a theater but by next week the last two films I will have seen will both be 'Act of Valor.'

0231 - Special Operations Equipment Muff Wraps

Many folks consider SOE's gear to be the highest quality gear on the market. I certainly cant argue with that. But John and his crew do something much more important that make quality gear. They solve problems. You will find SOE in some of the roughest places on some of the roughest men. These are the kind of folks that give frequent feedback whether you want it or not. Well SOE wants it. They put it into practice. They solve problems. My issues were not the biggest deal out there, however, if John is willing to put that much effort into designing a ear muff wrap to make sure it works it should be pretty clear how he will handle the rest of your rig.