National Safety Month Gun Safety Campaign

Safety Solutions Academy is the name of my company and it shouldn't…

0139 - Some Auto Travel Tips

As I mentioned yesterday I spent some time in the south with family this past weekend. We were able to find a cheap one way fare for my wife so I stayed down for a few extra days with my daughters to maximize our time. As I started to get ready to hit the road home, for the first time I can ever remember a 10-12 hour car trip was a bit daunting. The trip came off without a hitch mostly because of my prior preparations. Even if we would have experienced difficulties, we would have been able to handle them without too much in the way of worries. Are you ready for that spring break road trip?

0124 - Extend Your Training Resources

I used to spend a good amount of time away from my family training. I still do when I'm teaching, but I have reduces the amount of time I am away from my family while I improve my skills. At first I did this the good old fashioned way, I simply reduced my training time. If we aren't careful, however, too long of a break from what we enjoy and what we value can allow resentment and frustration to build as well as important skills to erode. Today I wanted to share some tips on how I find time to train in my busy family life.