National Safety Month Gun Safety Campaign

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0240 - Proper Maintenance of Life Saving Tools

It is really a pretty simple. Life saving tools have to work. Your seat belts must function every time you wreck your car. Smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and sprinklers must work every time there is a fire. You should be getting the point. When your life is on the line you must have well maintained equipment. I have talked about some of the pass times I have pursued in my younger years. Among them were climbing and diving. Both pretty intense when it comes to life saving gear. You better bet that as a climber I took pretty good care of my harness, rope, carabiners and rack. Ignoring any signs of wear or damage could have deadly consequences in what would normally be a routine fall. Routine inspections and replacement of worn gear was a regular occurrence. The same was true with my diving gear. Being at 165' of 40' fresh water is no less dangerous that 165' off the deck. If gear fails the consequences are catastrophic. Maintenance takes place on an annual basis or at the first sign of any problems. Why would we treat our self-defense handgun any differently. We shouldn't.