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A Second Amendment Mistake?

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Firearm Safety As A Concept

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0330 - Selecting the Best Home Defense Handgun

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0329 - Considerations in Selecting the Best Defensive Firearm

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0315 - LaserLyte Training Aids NASGW Interview

Trigger control can be an issue for many shooters when it comes to precision and shooting. Although there can be a hyper-focus on precision in defensive shooting, it is an issue that needs to be addressed. Getting the hit when the target dictates precision based on size or distance is a complex motor skill that requires the defensive shooter to maintain proper sight alignment and sight picture while pressing the trigger to the rear. Any deviation in the sights during the trigger press results in deviation on the target. Too much deviation and the shot is a miss. Many people believe that the proper solution to this issue is dry fire practice and to some degree they are correct. The issue with dry firing, however, is that there is very little feedback to the shooter. Thousands of rounds of dry fire practice isn't going to help you if what you are doing is WRONG! Today we will take a look at how the products that LaserLyte produces can give you the quality feedback you need to help make your dry fire practice more efficient.

0301 - Having the Guts to Cut the Cord

Life is full of struggles! Some are physical, some are intellectual, some are financial, some are emotional. The list of challenges we face goes on and on and what amazes me is how often we get in the way of solving our own problems. Right now I am realizing that I am in the midst of making some ridiculously painful decisions regarding my pickup truck. The process that I am going through reminds me of something that I often see my students struggle with in class. So, today we are going to talk about my 1995 Dodge and training.