National Safety Month Gun Safety Campaign

Safety Solutions Academy is the name of my company and it shouldn't…

0211 - Measure Twice Cut Once

Measure twice, cut once. Clearly the axiom of a carpenter. I don't know where I first heard the expression, but for years I took it literally. I applied it only to when I was running a saw. As I look at the statement today, however, I can see how broadly it applies. Today we will take a look at when Measure twice, cut once applies to our safety, and when it doesn't.

0170 - FF Study On Multiple Stab Wounds

When an Email came across my desktop with a link to a youtube video discussing a new study on the lethality of multiple stab wounds you know a guy like me gets excited. Considering the kind of week I have had with my nose to the grindstone trying to get caught up I set some time aside to watch the video and I 'm glad I did. I hope you find it beneficial too!