National Safety Month Gun Safety Campaign

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0098 - The Wilderness Tactical Instructor Belt

We know that when we carry a handgun concealed everything has to work together to successfully carry and conceal our handgun on a daily basis and be able to deploy that handgun when that lethal threat presents itself. The first item most people begin to think about when it comes to CCW is the gun and I think that this is a mistake. There are many things to consider that can have a profound effect on the success or failure of a CCW system. One item that I think of as the foundation of a concealed carry system is the belt.

0094 - Open Carry: Great Law, Bad Practice

Three bills have been proposed in Tallahassee, Florida that would extend the rights of gun owners in the state of Florida. One deals with the medical profession and record keeping on guns, another a prohibition on preemption of FL State law, and the third and most interesting to me is an open carry provision. I pretty much laid it all out in the title. I think it is important and beneficial to have an open carry law and as a general rule I think that open carry is a bad practice. Today I'll explain.