National Safety Month Gun Safety Campaign

Safety Solutions Academy is the name of my company and it shouldn't…

0280 - I.C.E. Training Defensive Firearms Coach Instructor Development Course

I have worked hard to extend my professionalism in the area of continuing education as a defensive firearms instructor, but for the most part I have been relegated to nugget hunting. Spending hours and hours in courses to find that one piece of information that made it "worth my while." As time has progressed, I have found fewer and fewer nuggets and I have a harder time spending energy away from my family and my business squandering resources for little benefit. the I.C.E. Defensive Firearms Coach IDC wasn't that way.

0178 - Swimming Pool Safety

Summer is just around the corner and Memorial Day weekend is a typical starting point for summer fun. Pools are opened up, boats are in the water, and people flock to the beaches to have fun in the water and ingest e coli by the pound. Today we talk about some things we can do to make sure we keep ourselves and more importantly our kids safe by the poolside.