National Safety Month Gun Safety Campaign

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0119 - Legal Prep for Violence

There is a tremendous amount at stake when we find ourselves involved in a violent encounter. Often times violence occurs without warning despite the fact that many of us work to remain constantly vigilant to the threats around us. We can find out that we are under attack when we are being hit, shot or stabbed. When things happen this quickly we don't have time to second guess. We can't spend time wondering where our gun is, is there one in the tube, or is it going to go bang when I pull the trigger. We can't stop to take a quick unarmed combat class that we haven't gotten around to yet, or ponder whether the class we did take taught us applicable skills. Violence happens too fast to worry about any of that when we are in the middle of it. We have to act. The same must be given to the legal considerations of violence. With violence there is too much at stake to not have all the academic aspects taken care of BEFORE we experience the violence. Keep in mind, if we hesitate with our response or respond with to little force, it could cost us our lives. On the other end of the spectrum, if we act too soon, or deliver force that is excessive we risk our freedom. Without understanding the use of force and the law, we set ourselves up for a series of pitfalls that are sure to follow a violent encounter.